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As a practising Urbanist and Architect, Markus Appenzeller operates worldwide with the architecture, urban design and landscape planning company he founded.

As a Professor for Urban and Rural Planning at the Shenzhen International School of Design, he programs and runs urbanism education and conducts research

As an adviser, he helps private and public organizations in dealing with the complex processes in urban development.

As a thinker, writer and speaker, he explores urbanism beyond built space.



Not every problem in a city can be solved with design and planning but every problem in a city has a spatial component that can be used to help solving it. 

This is challenging.

As urbanist, business leader and thinker, I navigate this complexity since a long time. 

I am happy to share this experience with you and help you to deal with the problems you are facing.

I can help you navigating.

Unlike many advisers that once worked in their field of expertise but since have not, I am a practising urbanist and architect that experiences the challenges first hand on a daily basis. 

I can help you to become a better city and business leader.

With my up-to-date knowledge in urbanism, education and business practice, I can help you to solve your problems better, more forward-looking, ultimately generating a higher value for you, your clients and the public.

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