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Contemporary buildings – the SUV’s of architecture

Recently, Germany has been discussing new standards for the size of parking spaces. The reason: the old ones do not leave enough space for the most popular products of the country’s prime industry – Sports Utility Vehicles – short SUVs. Of course, I could now dedicate an entire 4-minute read to the consequences of the […]

Lecture at Archiposition Shenzhen 21.08.2023

Shenzhen, CN On 21 August 2023 from 20:00 I will lecture in Shenzhen.  Invited by Archiposition, I will speak about ‘Ego Eco’. In my lecture, I will highlight the changing position humans have to take in relation to the planetary ecosystem. That role also needs a different approach to designing solutions, since being part of […]

Ego Eco Lecture @ Archiposition

Our role as humans on this planet has to change. Until now we saw ourselves as the pinnacle, ruling over the rest and exploiting nature at our pleasing. This has to change and we have to move from a collective Ego to defining ourselves as part of the Eco. Not only caring for ourselves but […]

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