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Your challenge

Being a better leader
by understanding urban space
and city making

Not every problem in a city can be solved with design and planning but every problem in a city has a spatial component that can be used to solve it. 

As urbanist, business leader and thinker, I navigate this complexity since a long time. I am happy to share this experience with you and help you to deal with the problems you are facing.

Anne Hidalgo, the  Mayor of Paris, Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, Enrique Peñaloza M, the Mayor of BogotaMichael Bloomberg the Mayor of New York City or Juan Clos, the Mayor of Barcelona – they all turned their city into better places.

Each of them did it with a very own and unique approach that fit the context. All of them did it using space and programmatic and procedural changes. None of them was an architect or urban planner. But all of them had good advisers that helped them to understand how space and processes to change space can be used to further their city for its own citizens and put it on the map (again) of international attention, investment and economic prosperity. 

You can be that city leader!

I can support you in becoming that leader. 

Everybody knows Apple, everybody knows Disney, everybody knows Ikea. They all use architecture and urbanism as a tool to shape their brand. 

Even if your focus lies elsewhere, your factories, offices or logistics centers are all located in an urban context and they are architectures and if you want to newly build, renovate or transform them you have to interact with civil servants, politicians and the public. This can be a conflitful process that eventually put your entire plan at risk. But – it can also be a process where your company and your brand show leadership in taking its share for a better environment. 

You can be that business leader!

I can help you become that leader. 

Almost everything in cities has a spatial component. Social, economic and environmental problems have something to do with space. Administrative processes in cities have spatial impact, or they are driven by ideas of space. Understanding the spatial implications often holds the key to solving the problem.

But – without understanding the logic of space, success is harder to book. 

You can be that organisation that has the spatial knowledge to drive its agenda in the most successful way!

I can help you to gain this knowledge. 

My contribution

Unlike many advisers that once worked in their field of expertise but since have not been involved actively in city making, I am a practising urbanist and architect that experiences the challenges first hand on a daily basis. I know about the challenges and problems and I work on solutions with my team. 

Advising you, I am happy to share my up-to-date knowledge in urbanism, education and business practice. I can help you to solve your problems better and become knowledgable in urban space, its logic, the underlying principles and processes.


You are a city or business leader and have to deal with urban space and development, but you are not a trained urbanist. 

Leaders training gives you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions and to steer the experts within your own organization. 

In one on one coaching sessions, I explain to you the most important aspect of spatial development and how to make wise decisions for your city or company. 


You have your own experts in your city of company, but you are not sure what they propose it the right thing to do. You want independent advice from outside ‘the system’. 

I can review suggestions from inside your organization and evaluate them. I can come up with suggestions how to do things differently and better where needed. This can be a one-off thing or a regular engagement as your adviser. 

urban stories

You have great ideas, but you do not know how to pitch them in such a way, that they stand a chance of becoming reality.

You want to secure broad support in an inclusive way. 

You want to be ahead of the game and act instead of reacting.

I can help you to spin the right stories and processes you need to achieve your goals and gain the necessary support. I can train with you to be the convincing and visionary leader you want to be seen as. 

Want to know more? Check the case studies. 


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