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We don’t know everything

We don’t know everything

Positioning a school and urbanism education

At the occasion of the publication of the annual review of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, the three deans of the disciplines, architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism were interviewed by Tara Lewis about their vision and thoughts in relation to the academy’s climate curriculum ‘(r)evolution planet’. It gives a good overview of the content of the education of the three disciplines and where me and my colleagues Janna Bystrykh and Joost Emmerick have been leading the school to.

The entire annual review with additional reading the plenty of student work can be read here.


Main path and side paths

Entry speech at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture Every new dean at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture is asked to

Beyond Peak Indifference

Lecture series ‘Beyond Peak Indifference’ at Amsterdam Academy of Architecture Somewhere in 2019 – according to a representative investigation –

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